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Car multimedia installation in Haifa

What is a car multimedia system?

A car multimedia system is basically a screen that concentrates all the uses that the driver needs, from navigation software such as Waze, Google Maps, listening to music via Bluetooth or other music apps, listening to the radio, displaying a reverse camera if the car has it, or can be added to a car that does not have it, and in some vehicles Also a display of faults and information for the driver directly from the multimedia

?Which types of car multimedia systems there is

There is a wide variety of car multimedia systems, most of the time today they are defined as "original compatible" which means a screen with a panel (frame) compatible with the vehicle, the appearance is often similar to the original in terms of the zero line of the screen and compatibility with the vehicle, and of course original connections to the vehicle using the "plug socket" method, and if the vehicle has a Canvas communication connection as well , which is communication between the multimedia in the car and most of the activation

Buttons on the steering wheel, vehicle settings, tire reset, etc

In terms of the screen itself, there areAndroid screens that come with built-in apps such as Wiz, YouTube, etc., and for the most partApple CarPlay and Android Auto with a cable connection or wireless connection

Why replace the built-in multimedia system?

The interface of the systems that come with the vehicle is often different from the one you are used to on your smartphone (based on Android)

The built-in systems include blocks that you might prefer not to have on your system, such as canceling the possibility of watching video when the handbrake is down, or locked wireless internet, blocking the possibility of downloading additional applications, etc.

What should be in the multimedia system you choose?

It is important that the multimedia system you choose has all the functions you would use

In the previous multimedia (if there was any), and in addition it is important to emphasize these

  • recommended choose an Android-based multimedia system so that you can download multimedia applications, and the interface is usually more convenient to use than multimedia screens without Android

  • Today, most systems come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay built in, it is recommended to choose the multimedia that comes with the option in an understandable way, very convenient to use and suitable for both Android and iPhone

  • In terms of hardware, it is recommended to choose a multimedia system with at least 2 gigabytes of memory and a 4-core processor, and the warm recommendation is to choose a system with at least an 8-core processor. They usually last a long time in terms of speed, and its use is smoother, and usually comes with a built-in SIM slot, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay mirroring comes wirelessly, comes with a DSP digital sound processor that is stronger and of higher quality than the normal sound processor that usually comes with the cheaper screen.

  • Note that the system supports your language (Hebrew, English, Russian, etc.)

  • Ask about the screen resolution (mostly today the resolution ranges between 600x1024-1200x2000)

  • check if there are video inputs and sound outputs if you want to connect screens on the back in the future, or connect an amplifier.

Additions to the multimedia system

reverse camera - It is possible to add a reverse camera to the multimedia screen you want to install, recommended

For parking and the dead areas while reversing

Reversing sensors - It is recommended to install if it is not present in the vehicle or if the sensors do not function properly, it is possible to repair them, and the recommendation is to combine both a reverse camera and sensors because the eyes are not always on the camera, therefore it is recommended to have a beep 

Android screens for car headrests for children
Multimedia screen Mazda 2 2010

Multimedia screens for armrests

If you have children, this is the ideal solution for you - a screen that is installed on the car armrest and has full Android and you can download light games to it, and watch videos on YouTube or Netflix, and of course connect headphones

Car multimedia and accessories at Pro Auto

We specialize in installing multimedia systems and car accessories, camera sensors and more

We provide a service of installing multimedia systems, screens and car accessories to the customer's home in the Netanya, Kadima, Zoran, Even Yehuda, Hadera, Ramat Hasharon, Hod Hasharon, Kfar Saba, Ra'anana, Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Holon, Rishon Lezion, Bat Yam, area , Haifa

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